We want to invite your young adult who is or coming into 7th-12thgrades to our summer discipleship institute called ANTIOCH Institute. This is a really big deal, as your son/daughter is declaring publicly that not only do they want to commit to a certain mode of living for the summer, but also they are stating that theywant to be a disciple of Christ who makes disciples. The end game of this letter is to encourage and challenge students to grow in their understanding of Scripture, and their discipleship of others. Here’s the summer schedule at a glance:


The days that they are committing to: June 27th-July 1st

  • Wednesday Evening Service Project (Tulsa Crew Only)
  • Thursday-Sunday (Tulsa/Dallas Partner Weekend; Staying in Host Homes for entire weekend)

(Please see forthcoming schedule for the full breakdown of the weekend)


Students will be taught the tools that are necessary to understand the Bible and teach it to others. They will be expected to do the homework, have the daily quiet times, and participate in the discussions. We will be studying, in depth, selections from the book of Proverbs.

This material will help students rely on the transforming power of the gospel in the process of becoming more like Christ. As we look at specific topics in the book of Proverbs we will see the character of Christ, and students will be challenged to become like the Lord Jesus as reflected in these characteristics. Also, this study will also help them as they learn the kind of character it takes to lead their disciples on Wednesday nights when they gather for discipleship groups (D-Groups).

As our learning from Antioch Summer Institute 2018 will be carried on in our Wednesday D-Groups, here is what the leaders of those groups will lead their disciples in for the rest of the year:

  • Facilitating discussion through questions from Wednesday night lesson
  • Cataloging prayer requests and praise reports of their disciples
  • Leading their disciples in 2 service projects (outreach) to be completed by end of 2018


In the past we’ve had Metro Bible Church from Southlake, TX (a local church that has many connections to our church) join us for this weekend of training and fun. We are grateful to the Lord that they will be joining us again this year!

COST: $50 REGISTRATION FEE (Includes registration, admission to baseball game, and admission to Main Event)

We are excited about what God is doing through this ministry…and what He is planning to do this summer through our ANTIOCH SUMMER Institute.


Your Antioch Leadership Team

For questions and application, please contact Matt Harkey: mharkey@mingovalleybible.org