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1954 Grace Bible Church began under the leadership of John Wakefield

1955 Moved to 4th and Memorial under the name of Memorial Drive Community Church.

1961 Name changed to Memorial Bible Church.

1969 Richard Evans was called to come from Tonkawa Bible Church to serve as full-time pastor.

1974. Ben Bailey served for four years, and the mortgage on the property was finally paid off.

1978 Gary Dangerfield came from Markoma Academy in Tahlequah to serve as interim pastor and subsequently became the fourth minister to serve Memorial Bible Church.

1981 John H. Conner brought his family to Tulsa, having come from Dallas Seminary via a 20-month stop-off in Denver, Colorado as an associate pastor.

1992 Memorial Drive facility was sold. The church family met for some time at 3232 S. Garnett Road and then at 6363 S. Trenton in Metro Christian Academy.

1993. Memorial Bible Church was asked by Mingo Valley Christian Church to receive their school and their assets under Memorial membership. This was agreed upon by all, and the church family and school resided at, 9123 E. 22nd Place, in Tulsa.

2004 Church and school moved into the new facility at 8720 E. 61st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma where the school and church reside.

2006 Pastor John Conner felt the Lord calling him to serve with Central American Mission in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

2007 Pastor Ben Averitt accepted God’s calling as senior pastor of Memorial Bible Church. He and his wife, Lisa, and their five children moved from Gainesville, Texas to Tulsa to begin their ministry here.

2013 Name changed to Mingo Valley Bible Fellowship as a move to draw the school and church closer together.